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die Berater Unternehmensberatungs GmbH focuses on adult education vocational training and human resources development. We provide comprehensive know-how with regard to all aspects Human Resource Management, from recruiting, HR counselling and coaching to education and training or staff satisfaction surveys, outplacement and temporary staffing.

bridges to Europe is the joint platform of the EU project activities of die Berater®. In the past years, we have participated in different roles – coordinator, partner, sub-contractor – in 160 EU-funded projects with more than 800 partner organisations from 45 countries. On the basis of this wide experience with many EU funding programmes we offer consulting in funding, project- and media- support.

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The European E-Learning Institute (EUEI) provides innovative and engaging digital management solutions in a Post COVID-19 world through their involvement in this project. As a small team themselves, EUEI is acutely aware of the impact of Covid-19 on daily work and how important effective and modern approaches to management and leading your team really are!

EUEI are at the forefront of digital research within Europe, staying up to date with the most modern digital tools, e-learning approaches and working solutions for our learners. We are excited to embark on the PROSPER project and to bring our expertise and that of the project team to those who need it across Europe.


Bildung und Projekt Netzwerk (BUPNET) is an Adult Education provider with extensive experience in supporting adult learners from all sectors in Germany. Established in 1985 as a provider of adult education in the fields of project management, vocational training and counselling, BUPNET has a strong multi-disciplinary team which develops and implements innovative training and consultancy projects locally, nationally and across Europe. With a strong commitment to supporting continuing Professional Education, we have helped many thousands of people to successfully meet the demands of a constantly changing world of work.


CATRO Bulgaria is part of a leading Austrian consultancy company for education and training – dieBerater® which provides various trainings for individuals and organisations. CATRO provides cutting-edge know-how in all areas related to human resources management and development.

The team consists of specialists with international experience and expertise in recruiting new talents, developing employees’ potential, providing HR consultancy, and supporting social causes through CSR activities. They take into account local market and culture specifics, strongly believing they are the most helpful to their clients by combining both the advantages of the global and the local experience and know-how. Their main aims are to motivate and qualify people to make full use of their potentials in the economy, at the labour market and in their personal lives.


Momentum Marketing Service is an Irish adult education and CVET organisation with a multicultural, multinational team working across Europe. With over 20 years’ experience in EU projects, its specific project competencies relate to the design and delivery of capacity building programmes and technical solutions. As enablers of more resilient, sustainable European economies, Momentum expanded its team in 2021 to take on two Sustainability Specialists who work to build sustainability into all Curriculum and Training Course Development, so that future entrepreneurs enhance society and the environment instead of contributing negatively to them. Momentum is a signatory of the EU Pact for Skills. The Pact is firmly anchored in the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights and supports the goals of the Green Deal and the digital transformation, as set out in the Commission communication “A strong Social Europe for Just Transitions”. This is their commitment to concrete actions to implement upskilling or reskilling action/s, bringing the key principles of the Pact to life.


Smart Revolution is an Italian consulting firm which provides: 1. National, regional and district funding schemes search, application, reporting & management, 2. EU project writing, management and reporting, and 3. Trainings. The multidisciplinary team applies an innovative and holistic approach to tech start-up, SMEs, and public administrations with the aim to foster research and development, digitisation, internationalisation and personnel trainings. As a fast growing SME, it has important partnerships at European level thanks to its rich EU projects track record, Italian Universities and PoliHub, an innovation Park and start-up accelerator part of Milan Politecnico ecosystem.


EUROTraining is a Vocational Educational Centre located in Athens, with branches in Thessaloniki and Volos in Greece. The main specialisations are in the sectors of Entrepreneurship, Adult Education, ICT, Financial Management and Tourism. The organization works closely with the labor market and it tries to connect its study offer with the needs of enterprises, bodies and organizations both in the public and private sector. One of the organisation’s main goals is to contribute to the upskilling of employees in ways that give them a competitive advantage.

EUROTraining’s main pillars are summarized as follows: (1) acquisition and development of qualifications and professional skills for employees, (2) upskilling and continuous upgrade of professional skills in high demand for individuals, (3) cultivation and promotion of entrepreneurship with special emphasis on young people, and (4) provision of integrated consulting and training services for vet providers, SME’s, consultancies and public bodies.