PROSPER Final Transnational Project Meeting

After 2 years of dedicated collaboration and innovation, we held our final project meeting (TPM) online, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards redefining the future of hybrid work. Our project, centered around exploring the dynamics and benefits of hybrid working, has been a testament to adaptability and resilience in the face of change. […]

Newsletter February 2024

PROSPER Project has been formed as a strategic partnership to design, develop and implement a new training approach which empowers SMEs managers to reimagine their challenging role as remote managers and ensure remote employees balance between digital productivity, wellbeing and inclusion. OUR OBJECTIVES Altogether, adapting vocational education and training to the emerging labour market needs. […]

A Sustainable Look on Hybrid Work

The adoption of the hybrid work model implies a remarkable positive external effect: a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to the traditional work structure. This shift is not only about optimising work processes; it is also a step towards reducing our collective carbon footprint. Consider the significant reduction in daily commuting – a notable […]

Communication in the Virtual Era

While hybrid work is evolving, effective communication stands out as the axis of collaboration. The reliance on electronic means has become more crucial than ever before, with tools like emails, video conferencing, project management software, collaborative document editing and instant messaging playing crucial roles in maintaining seamless connectivity. We can easily imagine a project team […]

Hybrid Work Training Pilots for European SMEs

Our collaborative PROSPER effort is bringing a fresh perspective to hybrid work through a targeted training initiative. This program is specifically designed for HR managers and hybrid team leaders, focusing on enhancing understanding and implementation of hybrid work models. This training isn’t just about the basics of remote and in-office arrangements. It’s a deep dive […]

Hybrid Work Insights: The Employee’s Perspective

As the work environment evolves, hybrid work becomes a significant trend shaping our professional lives. This article, crafted for employees, offers insights into the hybrid work model from your perspective. It’s not a step-by-step guide, but rather a collection of valuable information and experiences to help you understand and adapt to this flexible work arrangement. […]

Crafting Hybrid Work: A Must-Read for SME Managers

In the shifting terrain of today’s work environment, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are uniquely poised to leverage the hybrid work model. This adaptation is not just about change; it’s about seizing opportunities in a dynamic world. Designed specifically for SME managers, this article guides you through the nuances of implementing and managing a successful […]

SMEs Leading Hybrid Work Revolution   “New Study Shows SMEs Are Leading the Hybrid Work Revolution to Win the Talent Wars” is an article published on Forbes the last year. Throughout the article, the author inspects the potentialities and consequences of the hybrid work in the transformed working landscape, particularly for SMEs managers. First and foremost, the author highlights […]

Managing Work-Life Balance During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is here, and with it comes the juggle of work deadlines and festive preparations. It’s a busy time for everyone, especially those working in hybrid environments. When your home is also your office, it can be tricky to switch off from work mode and enjoy the holiday spirit. But what is the […]

Hybrid Sustainability

“Hybrid sustainability” refers to a strategic framework that aims to balance the dedication to environmental responsibility with the quick development of digital technology. It means incorporating environmentally responsible practices into the fundamental operations of companies. This includes energy-efficient data centers, environmentally friendly supply chains, and conscientious use of digital resources. Through the adoption of sustainable digital […]