PROSPER BUSINESS CASE: Healthy Hybrid Working In European SMEs

The Business Case for Healthy Hybrid Working in European SMEs is a professional publication aimed at:

  • SME managers who have a high level of awareness of the difficulties of hybrid working but a low understanding of managers’ role in enabling healthy and productive digital work, and a low awareness of the strategic importance of this work to overall company performance.
  • Training providers working with SMEs, who understand the challenges and new strategies available, but need effective resources to communicate to SME clients the value of undertaking training and skills development in this field.

It will also be shared with stakeholders, especially policy makers in business VET and business development. For these reasons, the PROSPER Business Case will be an easy-to-read guide outlining the scale and scope of the challenge and presenting clear benefits of adopting new management strategies in terms of productivity, wellbeing, inclusion and company culture. It will be an official project publication, with professional graphic design, made available via free download on this website.


PROSPER Online Course

The PROSPER Online Course aims to provide SME managers with the knowledge and skills needed to update their management practices to better contribute to healthy hybrid working in their companies. The course is aimed specifically at managers in SMEs, including owner-managers, but also other staff with managerial and supervisory roles, such as HR staff, line managers, and team leaders.

The course is designed as:

  • user-friendly e-learning optimized for smartphones and tablets.
  • a modular multimedia course, catering to audio, visual, and text-based learning styles with frequent user interaction.
  • an accredited course enabling participants to gain micro-credentials.
  • a 3-week course, 3 hours per week



The Empowerment Programme is a set of Open Education Resources (OERs) that enable VET providers and individual business trainers to introduce structured, high quality training to SMEs on the topic of healthy hybrid working and new management practices that favour digital wellbeing.

The resources are aimed at vocational training providers who work with SME clients on a one-to-one basis.

The PROSPER Empowerment Programme will consist of a set of OERs presented in different formats and media that allow VET providers to “mix and match” learning strategies and content as per the SME clients’ needs.

Resources will fall into three main categories:

  1. Pedagogic guides
  • Facilitator’s guide, explaining the resources, learning objectives and background on digital wellbeing and management practices for remote working
  • Explanation of the relationship to the PROSPER Business Case and the PROSPER Online Course
  1. Diagnostic tools
  • Presentation of technical and nontechnical concepts relating to healthy hybrid work in simple language and with clear illustrations to widen participants’ understanding of the concept
  • Assessment guides and self-assessment tools to gauge current remote management practices and their impact on digital wellbeing
  1. Ready-to-use learning activities
    multimedia resources, including documents, example digital wellbeing policies, worksheets, audio, video, interactive quizzes and more.